Monday, December 10, 2007

GiGi Girls are here and ready to make some noise about internship experiences

Welcome to the official Gigi girls blog! We are two goal driven, adventurous best friends who spend countless hours dissecting and analyzing our relationships, shopping purchases and offbeat internships. We wouldn't buy a pair of shoes without our best friend's opinion, so why not apply the same idea to internships.

First-hand experience. Networking. Challenges. Freebies. There are qualities that we look for in our internships. We are creating this blog to reveal and critique the intern world as we see it. We think it is important to expose both the positive and negative aspects of being an intern or having an internship so that peers (including us) can find out the real deal.

Having a place to discuss good and bad internships would have helped us predetermine whether our summer internships would have been worthwhile. Lauren's high expectations surrounding an upscale New York City internship did not coincide with her actual experience: coffee runs, errands, and under appreciation. Conversely, Stephanie's low expectations of a position were exceeded: she attended commercial shoots, client lunches and wrote several press releases.

Here's to great internships...