Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Winter Break: The Perfect Time to Find a Spring Internship

Winter break has officially started. It is the perfect time to relax, meet up with old friends and catch up on TV shows. Most importantly, it is also a great to consider an internship for the spring. It is not too late to start searching for a great opportunity!

I read an article today from the Financial Post, a Toronto based newspaper that reminded me of my last internship quest. I wanted a public relations position at a small firm in the town I am from, but I could not find any leads. After speaking to some connections in the industry, I decided that it would be best to do some research on my own. I went to the local advertising federation website and created a list of firms that represented clients who I was interested in. Then, I sent emails to the contacts from the federation's website with my cover letter and resume. Surprisingly, I received an overwhelming response. Each firm articulated that they sought interns but were unsure of how to approach them. I ended up selecting an internship at an innovative agency.

My advice is to GO AFTER COMPANIES who interest you even if you are unsure whether or not they have an established program. Small businesses especially are starting to recognize the importance of interns; however, they tend to be more clueless about dispersing the message. Although the allure of a corporate environment and the company name on your resume are appealing, small businesses can offer more individualized attention and tailor the program to your needs. Either way, the point is to make use of your free time to find an internship that suits you.


Below you will find links for a few internship openings and resources: