Tuesday, March 11, 2008

InternshipRatings.com Internship of the Week: New England Cable News

Internships in broadcast journalism can be very intense. They often require odd hours in a fast paced environment that can be hard to adjust to. But, if you are aching for your television or radio debut, you must begin as an intern. I’m sure back in the day you could have found Barbra Walters fetching someone a cup of coffee.

The internship I chose to review this week is an internship at New England Cable News. It seems like an all around good internship. The user who posted felt comfortable in his/her environment. There was not a lot of grunt work involved and it met the description that he/she signed up. This user did not receive a letter of recommendation, but did receive college credit. Although this user did not get a letter of recommendation, it doesn’t mean your chance at a recommendation is over. After the internship ends, it is appropriate to contact your boss or supervisor. You can let him/her know how much you learned throughout your internship and how important his/her involvement was in your experience at the company. Then simply state that you would appreciate a letter of recommendation for your files. No matter what the answer, it never hurts to ask.

One of the most important aspects of an internship is networking. This internship seems like a great networking environment. The user specifically states that “there's an hour break and lots of time to network - if you're interested in a particular field of broadcast journalism, like sports or investigative reporting, the people are incredibly helpful in getting you into whatever you like to do in your spare time here.” Working at a new station provides people with a lot of opportunity for socializing. Talking to anyone and everyone can only help you!The bad thing about this internship is that it is located in Newton, MA, which is about 8 miles (but 25 minutes) outside of Boston. If you are a college student living in Boston it may be wise to have a car for the duration of the internship. For more information on this internship check out InternshipRatings.com or the New England Cable News job section: www.necn.com/NECN-JOBS