Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Internship Rating of the Week: XM Satellite Radio

This week the company that students need to watch out for is XM Satellite Ratio! InternshipRatings.com has received 10 users ratings for XM Satellite Radio in DC making it our largest rated company so far! Not only does it have 10 ratings, but almost all of them give great detail about the benefits of their internship program. Here are what a few of the interns had to say:

Mes76:Great internship! I wanted to improve my Excel skills, and I was paired with someone who was great with helping me do that, and at the same time I felt like I was doing something useful.

Lauren: I learned more from my 12 week experience at XM Radio than in any class I have taken in college

I loved my internship with XM last summer. The people were great, it was a very relaxed environment, and I got paid! The overall structure of the program allowed for a lot of meetings with upper level management which was great experience when preparing for a job.

Jbleiche: The best part of the internship is how much I was able to interact with people in all departments throughout XM. This really helped me pin-point specifically what type of work I want to pursue in my career. The program is incredibly structured and any problems I ever had were quickly fixed. Great internship all around!

We are so thankful for the enthusiasm of their Interns. Their participation shows us the importance of landing a great internship. All of these students were able to learn real world knowledge of their respective industry, meet great people and enjoy their time as an intern. We only hope that more companies adapt similar programs so other students can have the same experience.

Thank you XM Satellite Radio for really valuing you interns! For more information on
XM Satellite Ratio and other companies check out InternshipRatings.com