Thursday, February 14, 2008


It is hard to find a good internship these days. Students are fighting to land stops at the most well known companies they can. Many companies take advantage of young students who want to gain industry experience. Interns are often subjected to coffee runs and filling for hours upon hours!

But, isn't it just great when you land that fabulous internship and you get really involved  in the company in the company! you make good connections, receive a letter of recommendation, and have acquired skills that you just can't learn in school. Internships lead you to a better future, so when choosing your internship you have to be sure to pick the best one.

Throughout the summer, Stephanie and I would always compare our daily internship experiences. As I have explained in my past posts, my internship did not turn out the way I had anticipated and neither had Stephanie's. We then realized that there was no way for students to know what it is really like to intern at specific companies. This got us thinking...

After long days and sleepless nights, Stephanie and I created! A place where interns can rate, research and compare internships across the United States! Check out the website and let people know about your experience! Help build this resource so interns can finally get the experience they deserve! 

--Lauren and Stephanie