Monday, February 4, 2008

Watch Your Mouth!

A recent article published by suggests that the appropriateness of comments in the workplace to coworkers and bosses can damage your relationships and even your career. Although you may think that a pejorative remark rolled off the sleeve of your supervisor, it could be a comment that he or she decides to associate with you from them on.

Interns, especially, should be cognizant of their behavior in the workplace. Whether or not they are given the same respect as employees, they should demonstrate responsibility, trustworthiness and an interest in the experience. Internships are equated with an interactive interview process that could lead to a position in the company. One poorly thought out remark could ruin their credibility. So interns, for the sake of your reputations and future careers, watch your mouths!

Here are some phrases that you should AVOID saying in the workplace:
"I heard ____ say this in the break room."
It is inappropriate to create inner office gossip, especially since you do not know if it's true. As an intern, you should not meddle in the affairs of other employees, as it could result in the end of your internship. The best thing you can do is walk away from the situation.

"I partied so hard last night."
While you might think of your supervisor as more of a friend, it is inappropriate to discuss your partying habits with him or her. Even though your boss might have share your habits, this topic is simply inappropriate for the office. Trust me, you do not want to become associated with sex, drugs or rock and roll.

"Get your own coffee."
Internships are stereotypically associated with grunt work, like shlepping your boss a cup of coffee. If menial tasks were not in the job description you signed up for, do not freak out. Instead of scolding someone who is your superior, politely grant his or her request. If your boss continues to ask you for coffee, ask if you can talk privately at a convenient time. During this conversation, politely state that you are ready to take on larger responsibilites!

For more examples, please click here to see the original article!


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