Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Internships: It's all I ever hear about

Internships, internships, internships…it’s all I ever hear about! I had a get together with a bunch of my high school friends the other night. What did you think we talked about? Internships (obviously)! The conversation went something like this: who was working where, places they applied and connections they had. These were hot topics of conversation that lased longer than one would expect.

The New York Times published a phenomenal article that discussed the various aspects of an internship experience. Journalist Lisa Belkin writes, “Internship is to first job as community service is to college.” So true! As the article states, it is hard to land a job without having the past experience of an internship at this day and age. Unfortunately, getting that experience is becoming harder by the minute. If you have not yet started planning for a summer internship, you are officially late! Don’t worry, you still have a little time before applying. Start thinking of all of the people you know and see if they can help you find an internship. Then get cracking! Send out a cover letter and resume as soon as possible. In your cover letter, make sure that you present yourself properly. If you are applying for a creative job, write a creative resume! Set yourself apart from everyone else. You only have one chance to distinguish yourself from other qualified candidates, so take advantage of this opportunity.


Check out the recent Times article:

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